Keep it Trickster: 
 A message from Mercury Rx in collaboration with my Nodal Return
By Mariola Rosario

Only the trickster knows how to dance between two seemingly opposite forces; that of Jupiter sparking its way into fiery Aries and Mercury stationing retrograde in its abode of Gemini. Both planets shifted into new perspectives on the same day. (May-10-11 22) 
Only the trickster knows how to ride both the speeding train of Jupiter’s hopeful acceleration through fire, and Mercury retrograde’s deceleration, a forced intermission to our regular programming. Forward momentum and expansion meet contraction and reflection. 
The trickster watches carefully. What will you do?

We need to talk about Mercury
Mercury, despite the connotation and popular demeaning of the word ‘retrograde’ does not hesitate in its backward march. Mercury lives for the drama and the messy flair of the retrograde. Mercury laughs in the face of undoing. Mercury cackles at your tiny human problems. So you sent an email to the wrong person. You misplaced your phone charger. You accidentally signed a contract with the devil. Boo fucking hoo! Maybe it’s time you reconsider the ground you are standing on. Maybe it’s time you review your relationship with time and where you put your energy. Maybe it’s time to reimagine what supportive and generative relationships can feel like in our bodies. Maybe it’s time you take a break from technology all together! Yeah yeah, I know I’m writing this on technology but whatever, It’s the retrogate and we are all fools. May we laugh at our mortal contradictions. 
In case it was not clear up to this point, Mercury IS the trickster. And so are YOU, if you want it, of course. You and I both know that you do, dear reader (said in Lady whistledown voice… LW is a total trickster, am I right?!)
But back to Mercury, also known as the planet of communication, the messenger god, the carrier of ideas, thoughts, words, blah blah blah… Some say that Mercury is at its most trickster when it is retrograde. Some say Mercury is at its most trickster when it’s stationing and its slow slow slow. Some even go as far as throwing around the word malefic for Mercury in its retrogaze. I am shaking. Did I forget to mention that Mercury also rules GOSSIP. And did I also mention that Mercury is a jumper of realms, a queer, non binary energy that gives no fucks about the mental prison that is binary-thinking? 
The trickster watches
The trickster peers 
The trickster remains light on its feet
The trickster knows when to strike and when to take a nap
The trickster wants you to be the trickster 
Be the trickster 
Keep it trickster! 
Laugh. Play in the mud, little piggie. Rest. 
Marvel at the tiny wings that accompany your feet
Move from one realm to another
Live to tell about it
We all need your stories, trickster

The trickster sees an eclipse and builds a tent of flowers
During this retrograde, do not be fooled. Things are moving right along and right on time. Let’s consider that Mercury is at home Gemini. Likewise, because such is the nature of our Mercury, let’s consider that Mercury is also at home when retrograding. It is in Mercury’s nature to move forward and back, to move underneath and in between. For example, right now, Mercury is slowly traveling back to where it came from, and it is also traveling between two eclipses. Yes, we are in the middle of an uncomfy eclipse sandwich. Mercury likes to explore the crevices of time. The cracks in the system. The nooks. The tight passageways between your mind and your words. Language as the vessel of spirit. 
Like all of us, and like nature herself, Mercury is seasonal. Mercury is alive in all of us and it is most potent when we honor our internal and external fluctuations. Let’s call them our internal and external seasons. The nonstop grind of capitalism has no place in this journey, except as an obsidian mirror that beckons us to release that which sucks our vital life force away from us. Once again, inviting us to consider our comfort with waiting, with patience, with walking back our words, reconsidering, reinventing, retracing and recasting new spells and new ways for the day when the forward march begins again. 
All of this is deep, fertile ground to carry us into the upcoming Eclipse in Scorpio (May-15/16-22), a biggie, no doubt. This season, the eclipses are ruled by Venus and Mars since the nodes of the moon are now in Taurus and Scorpio. Venus and Mars are the hot lovers of the zodiac. I have many stories to tell here but I digress. Wherever we have these signs in our chart is likely to be  where we are feeling a lot of feels right now. And even without the chart or the language of astrology, WE ARE ALL IN THE CAULDRON NOW. Can you feel it? 
The eclipse in Scorpio is about letting go, surrendering, melting. With this eclipse we lay down the heavy armor that has kept us alive up to this point and we kiss it goodbye. We do not need anymore. We watch it float away in a burning pire. We trust the flow outward and away and the flow inward into new abundant soil. We can thank the Taurus-Scorpio axis for this alchemy. 
May our old armor be composted in the swampy marshes of Scorpio and may we make space for new delights to come re-enchant us. 
May we honor the warrior inside and may we honor when it’s time to stop fighting ourselves, once and for all. May Mercury help us put a final period on this sentence. 
May we honor the fierceness of the life-giving lover that resides at the other end of the warrior. May they both find solace in each other's arms. 
The trickster watches us with careful eyes 
What will you do?
What stories await us by the fire?
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