Never have I ever felt less judged by other humans 🥲 Pisces just gets it. They feel it, they dream it, they make beauty infinite, mysterious and poetic. Just how I like it. 🌊 
I like to think of Pisces as the meeting place of all the waters. All of our waters, from the cavernous underground to the bountiful springs bursting life. From the cups of Scorpio and the chalice of Cancer, Pisces comes to embrace it all. 
Pisces belongs to no bounds, no binaries, and often, no words or categories. I love swimming in these visionary vast waters. They cleanse me and remind me that hope is never really that far away and that I too can swim to the depths and back to the shore again. To my fishy comrades, this playlist is for you. Click here to listen or below: 
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