Photo: Venus Mars conjunction by Mariola Rosario, 2022

Venus conjunct Mars, 2022

Planets Venus and Mars have been dancing closely around each other in the sky since February. First in Capricorn and most recently they leapt together into Aquarius 🪐 All Saturnian domains are getting the dynamic heat of this energetic frottage. Are you feeling it?
There are many different ways this could be playing out in your life. In short, Venus 💐💸planet of love, beauty, relationships, how we relate to the other, what we value, money etc. and Mars 🗡🩸planet of action, bravery, fire, fight, irritation etc. are having a big meeting/dialogue/discussion/hump? in the areas of our life that are ruled by Saturn- planet of constriction, boundaries, structures, time and long-term survival. 😅
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