Mariola Rosario (she/her) is a witch, astrologer, teacher, artist and independent researcher from Borikén, the land known as Puerto Rico. She is currently living and experiencing our global collapse from the shores of Paris, France.  
Mariola loves collaborating with artists, intuitives, freaks, ghosts, old, new & curious souls, students, teachers, organizers, activists, ancestors, flowers, plants, animals, candles, tarot, planets and beyond. She has always found herself somewhere between the teacher-student axis and would like to continue to find alternative and more compassionate routes towards inclusive pedagogy and revolutionary, anti-extractive modes of learning and co-creating spaces of magical and material mutual aid.  
Her interests are cross-disciplinary, from literary and contemporary visual culture to critical theory, mythology, languages, photography and autobiography. Her current principal artistic expression is the love language of Astrology and the empowering conversations that arise from it. With her Astrology journey, Mariola found that the deeper she dove into this contemplative work, the more the language began to reveal itself as an Artistic Practice: a dialogue, a dance, a conversation between us, here on Planet Earth, and the divine Cosmos that houses all the delicious secrets of the Universe. Mariola is versed in the Hellenistic traditions of Astrology, spanning from the 2nd Century BCE to the 16th Century. She infuses these ancient techniques with her unique intuitive guidance as well as her multifaceted background in the arts and academia. 
She is the proud steward of a powerful Scorpio stellium in the first house. It is from this swampy helm, that her sun sends light beams in all directions, with special luminosity towards that which is hidden, in the dark, nocturnal. This has given Mariola plenty of deep-diving, underworldly curiosity, a ghoulishly contagious sense of humor and a psychopomp quality in most of her creative pursuits and obsessions. She likes to walk with people in these mysterious realms; as a guide of thresholds, a friend at the crossroads and an extended hand to help those who wander through liminal landscapes. 
Mariola grew up in the magical. Puerto Rico IS Caribbean magical realism. A mélange of natural beauty and heat, songs of pain, christianity, santeria, coloniality, occupation, loss, rebellion, mystery, decay, and profound joy and hope through the darkest of days. These creative ancestral survival tools are ingrained in Mariola’s soul. They are part of her own magician’s table and live inside her fool’s satchel (reference two of the Tarot cards she associates with her Astrology journey)
Mariola fully landed in Astrology in 2018, after receiving a powerful reading from astrologer Andrea Lobo in Puerto Rico. The seed of Astrology was awakened. The seed then grew and grew until it led to the work of her current teacher, mentor, collaborator and friend Britten LaRue. Mariola became a client and then quickly became a student. In 2020, she joined the first cohort of Britten's signature astrology primer: Charting your Own Course (CYC) and in 2021 she joined the first iteration of The Magician’s Table (TMT). Both experiences were completely life altering and life affirming. 
In the Fall of 2021, she served as a guest co-facilitator for Britten LaRue's course Notes from the Underground: Cultivating intimacy with Pluto and in the Spring of 2022 Mariola will join Britten, once more, as the 13th Reader for the new cohort of The Magician's Table. 
Mariola’s books are open for one-on-one astrology consultations in English and Spanish. She continues to study Astrology with Britten LaRue and is also currently enrolled in Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology Course and Demetra George’s course library on Ancient Astrology through The Astrology University. 
In 2022, Mariola intends to write and publish more about astrology, art and her daily cemetery explorations. She currently lives next to the legendary Pere Lachaise cemetery. Here is the view from her window:
All photographs and Illustrations shared on this website are created by me. I take all the pictures, create all the graphics and web design elements. Please inquire if using for any other purpose that isn't sharing my work. In the case that you want to share my work: THANK YOU! and please credit, cite and link back to my site. This web page is forever under construction since I am the only person behind its creation. 
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