I am excited to work with you! The deeper I dive into the language of Astrology, the more I begin to consider Astrology as an Artistic Practice. It is a dialogue, a dance, a conversation between us, here on Planet Earth, and the divine Cosmos that houses all the mysteries of the Universe. I use Whole Signs, traditional techniques that belong to the Hellenistic tradition combined with personal intuitive guidance and contextual, political, archetypal, and mythological storytelling. I work with the personal and social planets as well as Chiron and the main Asteroids. Please let me know if there is a planet or planets that you are particularly interested in working with right now. 

You currently have two options for astrology consultations
 90-minute session ​​​​​​​
What to expect:
During the session we will walk through some of the main elements in your astrology chart: planets, signs and houses, aspects and transits. I like to think of readings as a conversation between both of us and your chart. I will ask questions and share my thoughts and interpretations with you, however, it is very important  to emphasize that while I can help you make connections and contextualize planetary interactions and influences in your life, ultimately ONLY YOU hold the key to your life. Only you will hold the answers you seek. I am honored to hold this space for you and offer guidance as you journey through your own unfolding. Please bring your questions, your thoughts and your curiosity. 
My readings follow a general format that is conversational, relational, paired with my own style that that bridges astrological language, mythology, art and whatever comes forward during our time together. 
ALL sessions will be held virtually through Zoom. Camera on or off depending on your preference. If you would like to book an in-person one-on-one reading with me, in Paris. Please use the form at the bottom of the page to make a reservation. I have a different calendar for you. 
ALL sessions can be held in English or Spanish. 
All Chart Readings require that you share your birth date, time and location. No exceptions. 
After each session, you will receive a copy of your chart and a recording of our time together. This will go out to you in an email. 
If you have never received a Natal Chart reading before, this is where I recommend that you begin. If it is your first time, I recommend a 90-minute session for more spaciousness. 
If you have have already received a Natal Chart reading before and/or are familiar with your natal chart and you would like to go deeper:  you can opt for a Solar Return reading (revolución solar) or a Transits reading, where we look at natal placements and current and upcoming transits to help us contextualize what is going on in the present moment and what is upcoming, as well as what tools are available for you currently. Please indicate the type of reading you would like in the intake form or send me a message if you are not sure. 

60-minute: $90- $110 ($USD)/  €80-100 (€EU)
90-minute: $120-$140($USD)/  €110-130 (€EU)
*note you can pay in USD $ or in Euros €*
 I am using a sliding scale system which means that you decide, based on your own resources and your own knowing, how much you are willing and able to invest in this natal chart reading, within the set margin. I am using a sliding scale system because I am committed to providing accessible services. How does it work? You pay whatever you are able to pay within the set margin, no questions asked. The full priced value of the reading will always the higher number
If you are BIPOC, Trans, and/or living with chronic illness, or living in an economically disadvantaged part of the world and you are in need assistance, a payment plan or a different kind of exchange for my services, please reach out. This also includes clients from Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Central and South America as well as the Global South. I want to work with you and I am calling you in! 
If you want to know more about sliding scale as a tool for economic justice, please refer to this infographic and article by Alexis J. Cunningfolk. 

I am not a healthcare professional. I am a devotee of the mystery path. I listen, I hold space, and I work in collaboration with you and with the discipline and language of Astrology. 
*I offer gift cards for all my offerings. Please contact me to inquire about this. Readings make wonderful, unique gifts for our loved ones. I will send them a beautiful, personalized card with their gift from you. 
If you would like to book an in-person, one-on-one reading with me, in Paris, please use the form below to contact me. I will be in touch shortly with more details. This also includes people that would like to book me for an in-person event or a reading for multiple people. I am looking forward to working with you! Send me your proposals and lets dream together: 
Thank you!
Testimonials from Clients: 
Thank you for the beautiful solar return reading. I felt inspired and held by your wisdom and reverence for the planets, for the alchemy of transformation, and for all parts of me. This reading was a powerful anchor at a moment in which, as we discussed, I'm "trust falling" into a sense of security and abundance. Your reading style is approachable and warm, and I felt I could discuss even the most tender and scary aspects of my life at this time. You are a powerful, gifted reader with so much juicy insight to share, especially for fellow witches and swamp-walkers! Thank you, Mariola, for sharing your gifts with this world!  -Mallory Dowd, Seoul, South Korea (@mallorydowd)​​​​​​​https://www.mallorydowd.com/
Your reading was so activating for me, opening me very visually to aspects of myself that have been hidden and dormant and helping me to not only gain access to them in an embodied way, but also to feel a deep appreciation and love for them. Your wisdom and insight highlighted a configuration in my chart that I was completely unaware of, and now, because of your guidance, am able to lean into these understandings and energies in a conscious and empowered way, to create what feels to be strong directed strides of growth and intended magical direction. @emeraldforestvision Flagstaff, Arizona
I came away from the session understanding my chart better and therefore, understanding myself better. You have a kind and generous presence that put me at ease immediately and a way of explaining certain aspects of my chart to me that felt expansive, like I could use the information to make certain aspects of my life function with more ease. I came away on a high, feeling like I was a little bit clearer on the next steps I needed to take. It was a wonderful reading! - S.R., Mexico
Mariola went deep with the questions I brought to our session. She interweaved astrological insight with language and metaphor in a way that evoked many lightbulb moments for me. Rather than feeling overwhelmed with information, I felt inspired to actively engage with parts of myself I had previously not fully acknowledged. - Megan R, Minneapolis
The way you delivered your reading for me today, was truly beautiful and impactful. You presented me with the exact stories that I needed to hear. Placing the spotlight on the Asteroid Goddesses was beyond delightful and has left me with so much to consider. I feel resonant with your words and interpretations and will marinate in them for some time to come. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity for you to read my chart. Thank you so much Mariola.  - Kelsey, MB, CAN
One of the best readings I’ve had! Thank you for your deep care and room for my own profound aha moments. Beautifully read and held thank you again Mariola! - Mirrored Mystic, Ontario Canada  https://www.mirroredmystic.com/
I liked the way you went over the basics of the chart, I do need a little more in-depth learning in order to understand and interpret my chart, but you gave me just enough to understand the basic concepts, and I appreciate that. I liked learning that there is a purpose in my life that I have yet to tap into, I think that gave me the confidence I needed to fully commit to my next chapter and explore it whole-heartedly because I'm destined to do so. - Sabrina Rodriguez, Austin, TX
I was fortunate to receive a reading from Mariola, who is adept at tuning into ways in which astrology can serve us chart our course and hone in on our unique skills. She helped to guide me to a more profound understanding of the self and the polarities that unite to form the totality of the human experience. The reading left me feeling empowered and connected to my human self, my highest self and my gifts to share with this world. I had specific questions related to the work that I do and Mariola was an excellent guide, sharing with me how to embrace current transits that are inviting me to go deeper into the 8th house and my relationship to Saturn as a teacher. I received so much from her knowledge about the asteroids and their unique placements in my chart, giving me a more holistic view of my natal wheel. She has a great understanding of the elements in the chart and I feel her knowledge of astrology to be penetrative and profound. I look forward to more readings! - Megan F., Mexico, Healing Wave Hypnosis  https://www.healingwavehypnosis.com/
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